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Long Island Stone Paver Walkways Mason Contractors
Long Island Stone Paver Installation Professionals

Long Island Home and Businesses Owners can depend on Long Island Landscaping & Masonry for all their Custom Stone Paver Installation needs.

We Specialize in

  • Cambridge Stone Pavers
  • Nicolock Stone Pavers
  • Techo Bloc Stone Pavers
  • Bluestone Slate
  • Old Fashioned Brick
  • Cobblestone / Beligian Block

Whatever product you desire, we will professionally install it with our fine mason skilled craftsmanship.

Paver Installation

We will build your walkway ontop of a 4 inch deep 'Compacted RCA Base' also referred to as a 'Paver Base' that will lay inbetween the earth and a layer of sand. On top of the Paver Base and the Sand will be the Custom Stone Pavers you selected. The Sand and the Paver Base that is beneath the pavers support and provide the proper water drainage needed when it rains. The Borders of your Stone Paver Walkway will be set in Mason Concrete which will hold your pavers in place.


Paver Walkway Design & Experience

With years of Experience with Stone Paver Applications and Installations, we have the know how to get the job done. We provide complete Landscaping Services, giving you the ability to have topsoil and or mulch added along your new custom walkway. We also provide the plantings of shrubs, bushes and yes, even Long Island Grown Sod, giving you the ability to have your own Property Makeover done at a surprisingly affordable price.


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